When do I need new tyres?

In this auto repair blog, we cover the big 5. Top 5 ways to tell that it’s time to for a tyre replacement.

A good set of tyres keeps your car on the road and safely heading to where you’re going, a lack of tread can lead to skidding and in wet conditions be fatal. So we’re running through the top 5 signs your tyres are done and you need a tyre replacement. 


#1 Tyre bulges, misshapen tread & blisters

If there are defects you can see on the outside of the tyre it means something has gone very wrong inside the tyre itself. If you can see splits, bulges or misshapen parts of the tyre it’s important to have your tyres checked out right away from a certified tyre replacement service. 

It’s important to get them changed straight away, you don’t want to risk a blowout! Often it’s easier and safer to get tyres changed from a mobile tyre replacement service.


#2 How to check your tyre tread

A fresh set of tyres as standard come with 8mm + tread but over time the tread we’re always and creates bad contact with the road. It’s legally your responsibility to ensure your tyre tread is safe, but how do you know?

By far the easiest and quickest way to check the tyre tread is to grab a 20p coin and wedge it in the main groove of the tyre tread. What you’re looking for is the outer ring of the coin, if you can see it, it means your tyres are too worn and need replacement. However, it’s important to check the whole tyre, so do this a couple of times at different spots of the tyre tread, ensuring that the tread has worn evenly, it may be below the legal limit in different spots.

The legal requirements are to have a tyre tread depth of 1.6mm all the way around the tyre. If you do get pulled over and your tyres are seen as dangerous you get penalised per tyre and face a monster fine of up to £10,000 and 12 points. 

If your tyre’s tread is below the legal limit it’s often safer and easier to get a mobile tyre replacement mechanic to come to you and change your tyres from your home.


#3 A hole in your tyre tread

Check your entire tyre to see if it has any small holes. A standard tyre can have a repair as long as it’s below 6mm and in good condition. However, any damage is liable to wear more and more over time and cause other problems in drive quality, safety and traction. So think about getting it replaced sooner than later.

It’s best to do this before a long drive or just before winter driving conditions kick in. Poor driving conditions like sleet, snow or mud make existing tyre problems a big problem. If you’re ever in doubt, always get your tyres checked out from a certified tyre replacement service.

If your tyre’s tread is below the legal limit it’s often safer and easier to get a mobile tyre replacement mechanic to come to you and change your tyres from your home.


#4 Has your drive become shaky?

Can you feel more vibration than usual from the road when you’re driving? There are a few potential causes of this, from faulty shock absorbers to problems with wheel alignment, but it could also be your tyres. If there’s not enough tread depth, you’re in for a bumpy ride.If you’re not sure whether the level of vibration is normal, see if you can find a newly resurfaced section of road. If it’s still shaky and loud when you move onto the smooth tarmac, you need to get it checked out.

If your car is vibrating and shaking a little more than usual there are a few reasons. The major one would be tyre tread wearing unevenly, followed by suspension issues and wheel alignment. The best way to check this out is to drive on a smooth bit of road and see how the car feels, you can also inspect your tyre tread using the 20p method mentioned above.


#5 Some squeaks and noises are coming from my car

Little noises are always a bit of a worry while you are driving and always, always warrant a call to your local mobile mechanic or mobile tyre replacement service. Noises tend to happen when a tyre starts to get a puncture or a crack or bulge is forming. The sound is created by the change in the internal pressure of the tyre. It’s very advisable not to ignore these noises and pull over and check the tyres. Call a local mobile tyre replacement service and they’ll come straight to you and change the tyre over, this way you don’t risk a blowout.

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If your tyres show any of these signs of wear you can get them changed using a mobile tyre replacement service, it's convenient and mobile mechanics come and mobile tyre fitters come to your location at a time that suits you.

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