The 2 best ways to fix small to medium scratches in your car

In this auto repair blog, we cover the top 2 ways we’ve learnt over the years to fix those pesky scratches

We’ve all been there, you come back from shopping and some inconsiderate so and so has knocked their door, a shopping trolley or god forbid their car into your pride and joy. It’s literally the worst, no one to pin it on and not even a sorry note or some cash to fix the damage. In our 25-year experience as mechanics, we’ve seen it all so here’s how you right this hideous wrong the quickest and easiest ways we’ve found.


For tiny scratches, the toothpaste method

If you’re super lucky and scratches are only in the clear coat this method is a sure-fire way to help you out. so here’s how it’s done.

Start by washing and drying the area, clean off any road muck, dust or anything else that shouldn’t be there, any dirt or grit will only scratch it up and make things a tonne worse, so make sure it’s as clean as physically possible. Use some soapy and warm water to rinse and then dry it off with a bit of kitchen towel or dry rag. This particular toothpaste works best by the way and it won’t break the bank.

Dampen yourself a microfibre cloth or shammy, then squeeze out about a ten pence sized amount of toothpaste, whitening toothpaste works best. Then rub that toothpaste into the area in circles and ensure it coats the scratch and a little more. Give it about 20-30 seconds and rinse it off, dry it up and have a look. If it doesn’t work right away give it ago a maximum of 2 more times and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t react funny with the paint. There you have it, you shouldn’t even be able to tell it was scratched in the first place.


How to fix small to medium scratches in your cars bodywork

So what counts as small or medium scratch? If you can get your fingernail stuck in it it’s a small to medium scratch. Basically, rather than just affecting the clear coat these scratches are now in the base coat. Don’t sweat it though you can get these little scratches out usual some basic tools, some scratch removal gunk and a little warm soapy water.

Step one: wash your car and the affected area as much as you possibly can, I know we said it above but any little bits of dirt and grit are just gonna make things a whole heap worse!

Grab yourself a microfibre towel and dab about a 50 pence piece sized blob of the gunk on the cloth, apply that directly to the affected area and work it in a circular motion. Then wipe away any excess gunk with your towel.

You can then repeat the above a few times, if it doesn’t go away straight away don’t worry just go over another couple of times. Simple as that.

We love a bit of T-Cut for this and you can order it at Screwfix here.


Of course, for any body work-related queries you can always call us for free and impartial advice. Happy driving.

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